New Playbook Reveals How Hundreds of Podiatrists Have Freed Themselves From The Insurance-Based Money Trap to Live Life In Their Own Terms
Without adding more work hours...
What You Will Discover In This Book...
This book documents my journey to "opt-out" of insurance-based model in favor of a more profitable and more sustainable model for success in the modern era of private practice..
  • How you can escape from current devastating insurance-based healthcare
  • One category of marketing that will bring more qualified patient leads who are ready to pay out of pocket
  • Why patients deny your treatments and how to handle the objections
  • ​And so much more...
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Inside of My Book “Opt-Out”, You’ll Learn The Closely Guarded Secrets Of Patient-Pay Model For Thriving In Your Practice, Like…

Page 7: Why private practices are struggling by providing you the evidence-based data and how you can escape from the current reality of healthcare climate.

Page 21: The mindset secret of “7-figure practice” that you don’t learn in the medical schools is revealed and you can start applying this mindset shift today.

Page 31: My “go-to” medical practice productivity online tools that don’t cost money yet you will get many tasks done faster and effectively.

Page 45: 3 devastating myths of the patient-pay model that induce phantom fear to the doctors who want to get out of the current insurance-based model.

Page 65: One category of medical marketing that will bring you highly qualified patient leads without spending a dime on social media.

Page 77: How to apply “influencing” principles to the practice so patient will happily accept and pay for your treatment solutions regardless of their out-of-pocket costs.

Page 82: How to handle two most common patient objections to your treatment solutions.

And So Much More…

"OPT-OUT": A Whole New Perspective On Modern Private Practice

How To Take Back Financial Control of Your Practice without The Hassles of Insurance Companies

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Why Listen to TJ About Increasing Practice Profits and Taking Back Financial Control?

Dr. TJ Ahn strategic mind and his consulting system have been growing steadily. He is the founder of TJ Ahn Coaching & Consulting where he coaches other private practice owners on how to get more patients, increase revenues and multiply their profits.
He speaks regularly in live events and conferences.  He hosted and organized International MIFAS Cadaver Lab Workshops in Chicago for 3 years in a row.

Dr. Ahn has helped many podiatrists learn and implement minimally invasive foot surgery, marketing, and ethical persuasion to build successful hybrid-concierge model practices.

Don't Wait Any Longer.... Read This Book and Build A Future-proof Practice!!

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Bonus #1 - Secrets of Top 1% Private Practice

"Masterclass: How I Built My 7-Figure Practice Under 2 Years"

Total Value: $197

In this Masterclass, Dr. TJ Ahn reveals what the top 1% of high-end doctors are doing to expand their practices and lifestyles... AND how to use their secrets... even if you're "stuck" in an insurance-driven niche

Here's just a few things covered...

  • Dramatically reduce your work hours and grow your revenue, with the "3-Pillar Business Model" 
  • Attract high-ticket patient leads, pre-sold to your treatment solutions, with the "Inverted Funnel Strategy"
  • Persuade patients to pay out of pocket, without being salesy or manipulative, with "Ethical Influence"
  • ​PLUS, how to quickly profit from the 7 Steps, without endless trial and error!

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Bonus #2 - Special Masterclass - Post-Pandemic

"3 Things You Need To Do Right Now As A Podiatrist In These Uncertain Times"

Total Value: $297

This was a live Masterclass on March 26th during the midst of Pandemic.  Dr. TJ Ahn covered what you need to do now rather than panicking. 

Here's just a few things covered...

  • The most important things you need to focus now, so your practice can thrive when things come back to normal..
  • The number one thing you should never stop doing.. In fact you should increase this one thing during the unprecedented times like this.
  • The fastest way to 2x even 3x your revenue and bring more profits to your practice

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Bonus #3 - CASE STUDY

"How To Fill Your Schedule With More Pre-qualified Patients On Demand"

Total Value: $97

A video case study so you can see exactly what we do for other private practice owners with this little known revolutionary "The Profit Alchemy" system

Here's just a few things covered...

  • ​3 SECRET STEPS to build a profitable practice FAST (never taught in medical school)
  • How to get paid in CASH by patients regardless their insurance networks...
  • THE ONE THING that top 1% of concierge practice owners know that you don't.

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What Other Doctors Are Saying About Working With Me...

Here's What To Do Next 

Like I mentioned before, this book is free. All I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and handling.  I will send it to you anywhere in the world!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I don't hold back in this book. You can actually discover the blueprint of a new practice model that doesn't rely on insurance plans.  I share actual strategies you can use right away to increase your revenue and profits without adding more work hours.

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your FREE Copy Now (plus 3 Special Bonuses) Before They're All Gone...

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Dr. TJ Ahn

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

Grab Your Free Copy Of My New Book, "Opt Out"!  All I'm asking is that you cover the shipping costs (which are only $7.95 for USA or $19.95 for other countries).  Do that and my secrets to increasing practice profits and taking back financial control are yours. 

So, Click the button below to get your FREE copy now.  You won't regret it.

Who is Dr. TJ Ahn and Why Should I Read His Book?

I have been practicing podiatry since 2003 in Chicago area.

Looking back, it all makes sense...

When my practice was struggling during 2008-2013... I was still thinking like a doctor. 

Ignoring the business aspect of the practice right in front of my face. 

However, when things turned around, it was because I started thinking like a business owner. 

If I had to narrow it down to 3 core pillars of 7-figure success it would be:

1. Highly Qualified Lead Generation

When you have a great niche offer, there are some truly revolutionary digital marketing methods to get patients in your door who are ready to pay cash.

Imagine your phone ringing with patients who are ready to pay cash and be served today. What does it take to achieve that kind of consistent lead generation in today's market?

2. Modern Social Proof

When you are asking patients to pay cash, they need another level of trust. There are many ways we accomplish this in real life and online.

Imagine your patients KNOW, LIKE and TRUST YOU even before they meet you! 

Wouldn't that make talking with them much easier? Wouldn't they be more likely to become your patient? I think so.

3. Advanced Patient Communication

The biggest thing to get used to is offering premium concierge services.  It's a lot different than reviewing what's covered under insurance.

Imaging actually being comfortable and confident talking to patients about money without feeling any pressure or awkwardness around "closing" them. 

There are 100% ethical persuasion techniques that will help your patients see clearly that your solution is the preferred choice
I was obsessed to find the SECRET.

Once I made the decision to succeed nothing stopped me.

40+ flights around the country to visit mentors and coaches.

$185,000 spent on seminars, courses and coaching in sales and marketing.. 

I put in so much time to understand what the top 1% of practice owners were doing. I modeled after them. I kept testing, trying, optimizing...

And guess what...before I knew practice had transformed.

I had found the Missing Link!

I started seeing less patients and making MORE money.

I was not only excited - I was relieved. I felt like I had escaped a trap. 

I felt like if I hadn't of done all of this I might have been forced to give up. 

I know not all of you are in insurance-driven industries - but I was, so this was a big step to remove myself from that sinking ship.

I am no longer a slave to the insurance networks.

I generate consistently high 6-figure to 7-figure practice without working harder nor seeing too many patients.  Going to work and helping more patients without sacrificing my life to my profession...   Wouldn't it be nice for your practice if you could build your practice like that?
Local podiatrists started asking me how I did it.  So my consulting work started organically by wanting to help them escape from their struggles.

I have now full consulting services to podiatrists after hundreds of live webinars, in-person seminars, private coaching, and group coaching programs operated by me.

I help other doctors build their dream private practices without the hassles of insurance networks. 

I do so through coaching, consulting and developing educational programs and the mastermind group.

My passion is to teach the essential shifts podiatrists must make in the modern culture such as nicheing down (minimally invasive foot surgery), mastering the business mindset and incorporating digital marketing strategies.

The "OPT-OUT" Book Documents My Journey of Escaping The Insurance-Based Model and Reveals The Blueprint of A "Hybrid-Concierge" Model That Will Help You Achieve The Ultimate Potential In Your Practice!!

My name is Dr. TJ Ahn, and I'm here to help you.

I've taken my entire journey...

My process of building a hybrid-concierge model...

What worked and what didn't...

Documented it, and neatly organized it into the concise playbook...

Which is why I am so proud to present to you, my NEW book....

"OPT-OUT: How To Take Back Your Financial Control of Your Practice"!
This book will show you how to design and build one of the most rewarding private practice in this tough healthcare climate.

Then this is an opportunity for you to scale your practice profits WITHOUT seeing more patients.

I have many clients who have adopted my hybrid-concierge model, and they’ve NEVER looked back!

I am ready to send you a FREE copy to YOU.
 Here Are A Few More Success Stories Of Other Doctors That I Helped:
Dr. A. Wagner, Florida
"The missing link to take the practice to the next level was to teaming up with TJ Ahn and his team..."
Dr. B. Middleton, Georgia
"TJ, you did it again!  Your live event was amazing.  This is hands-down the best seminar in 29 years of practice..."
Dr. Larry Best, Indiana
"Working with TJ was the best investment I ever made.  His programs are outstanding, and he pushes you to get things done..."
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